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SEO Tools

Web Promotion Tools

We are constanly building our list of free web and search engine optimization tools for the Addme audience.

Our free tools are designed to help you promote and build your website, this is achived by search engine submissions,
meta tag generator, search term research tool, web content tool

and much more.

If there is a particular tool you would like added to this page

Free Search Engine Submission

You have a great website but no one knows it even exists?
You have come to the right place. Add Me! lets add your site to 20 popular search engines in less than 1 minute for free

In-Depth Search Engine Submission

If you want a deeper and faster submission of your website across the web,
this is the service you need. For a low fee, your site will be
submitted to over 1,500 search engine and classifieds.

Link Popularity

Findout out how popular your site is. Check how many websites are linking
to yours. This is important because the more popular your site
is, the better it will be ranked on search engines.

Meta Tags

Add optimized meta tags to your website.
Meta tags play a very important role in the ranking of your website in the search engines.

Keyword Density

Analyze your webpages for keyword density. The keywords and search phrases that have a higher density will help increase your webpages position within the search engines.

Product Feed Submission

BETA Product Feed Submission is a new free service that helps you submit your products to the shopping search engines. Just like website submission helps you submit your website to several search engines using one form, Product Feed Submission helps you submit your products to several shopping engines using one feed.

Multiple Google Page Rank

Query multiple Google Page Rank data centers, helping identify any inconsistencies with your SEO campaign.

Free Stuff">Free Stuff

Here you will find a collection of free web tool downloads, free web scripts and software utilities for download.

Google Sitemap Generator

A powerful sitemap creation tool, create a Google Sitemap for submission into Google sitemap program.


Meta Tags and Keywords are a very important part of your website.
Use this utility to find the most popular keywords in your field and
to add them to your page's Meta Tags and copy.

Broken Link Checker

Check for broken links (404) errors within your website.

Link Cloaker

Hides both affiliate and tracking links
and lets you specify what you would like to be displayed in the status bar via
a mouse over. Increases click throughs.

Local Business Advertising

Promote your small business with local search business listings. We will professionally optimize and submit your business listing to Google Local, Yahoo Local and MSN Local. All three local search engines powered by the top search providers, ensuring your business gets maximum traffic and exposure.

ToolbarBrowser - FREE Search Toolbar

The new leased ToolbarBrowser is a complete Toolbar Authoring and Management tool. You can use it to manage dozens of toolbars in a simple tabbed control to save valuable browser space.

Sitemap Submission

XML sitemaps are the quickest ways to insure all your pages are indexed in the search engines, submit or "ping" your sites XML map to the top four search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing and ASK.

Professional Search Engine Submission Software

Search engine submission software used by many professional submission services. Manage your own search engine submission and optimization campaigns with SubmitWolf.

Word Count

Page Word Count is a free tool that displays the number of times each word is displayed in a body of text.

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SEO Tools

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